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The Morning Breeze is a program on the Planetary Jam internet radio station that broadcasts LIVE (not a podcast) as a 24/7 music stream with programs on particular days and times. See the Schedule page for info on all programs. What is Planetary Jam?

Use the player widget above to listen or click on the Mixlr button to listen using the Mixlr website. The player widget is the best way to listen on your phone.
Previously broadcasting terrestrially on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Jazz FM 88.5 KSBR, Mission Viejo, California since 1997,  and now streaming online 24/7, enjoy a magical blend of music to inspire your days and soothe you into your dreams.

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The Morning Breeze / Planetary Jam is an all-volunteer, listener-supported radio station.

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Want to help out?
We're always looking for volunteers to help out. 😎🙏

Are you or do you know a student in a broadcast program that needs an internship or would just like to volunteer? If you'd like help with social media, promotion, or the music library let us know on the Contact page or email us at: 
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About John Luttrell
Since 2006, John has supported The Morning Breeze hosted by DJ Thornton on KSBR and on Planetary Jam, The Ocean Institute, and other artists to promote multi-genre music.

A regular artist on The Morning Breeze program and cruises, as well as producer of several of the Morning Breeze Schmooze concerts, and other festivals in the Southern California area, John brings his expertise with multimedia production, web design, and marketing communications to The Morning Breeze and Planetary  
​About Donna Jo "DJ" Thornton
Every weekend from 1998 to 2023, Donna Jo was the host of The Morning Breeze radio program and so much more. That's right, DJ the DJ!

During her 25 years on the air, DJ hosted the The Morning Breeze radio program, and guest hosted on other programs on KSBR. She also organized and hosted The Morning Breeze Cruises in partnership with The Ocean Institute in Dana Point, taking listeners young and old out on dolphin- and whale-watching cruises, while Morning Breeze artists went along for the ride, often performing out on the open seas, attracting dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures with their music.
Along with the cruises, DJ organized the Morning Breeze Schmoozes - annual fund-raising concerts to benefit KSBR and the Ocean Institute. 

Sadly, we lost Donna Jo in April, 2023, after a long battle with breast cancer. Her spirit lives on and her mission and vision continue to bring "music that inspires" to a global audience. ❤

We had a celebration of life event in July, 2023 with a great turnout and wonderful performances by artists you hear on The Morning Breeze.
Click here to see a gallery of photos from the event. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped put it all together.

And, a huge thank you to the artists who performed at the event:


There was also a memorial broadcast with great music and kind messages from artists around the world. You can access recordings of that 16 hour broadcast in the MB Archives on Mixcloud:
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