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Cross-Cultural Music Exchange 
Featuring DJ and Terry James Hawke


Since 2010. DJ and Terry James Hawke of HFM UK (Harborough) having been collaborating in what they call the "Cross Cultural Music Exchange". A meeting of the musical minds, they each appear on each other's radio programs several times each week to discuss news about new artists, new releases, artist interviews, and live music.


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Earth Day, Every Day 

with Dov and DJ 


Join DJ and her guest earth activist, artist, and composer G-Dov Gertzweig as they talk about our fragile planet and what YOU can do to make this a better home for all of us...


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The Morning Bees


Also, visit The Morning Bees page, dedicated to our little insect friends who pollinate so many of the fruits, vegetables, and other crops that we enjoy!


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The Mountain Report &
The Four Corners Report

with Diane Arkenstone


Join Diane on the Weekend Edition of The Morning Breeze as she and DJ infuse the musical tapestry and Diane invites us into her woodland studio with updates and stories to bring a bit of the "country" to those listening around the world.


The Four Corners Report, on the Mid-Week Edition of The Morning Breeze, shares revelations from an active archeological dig in a ranch in Colorado.