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Earth Day Every Day

Greetings. Happy Earth Day Every Day. DJ and I have been presenting our Earth Day Every Day Show for two years now as a regular feature of the Morning Breeze.

I am grateful to DJ for dedicating a portion of her music broadcast show to what is akin to current events, for I feel it is an important time in history to take time to smell the roses so t speak and to focus on the airwaves for a few moments to reflect upon the state of our planet, and perhaps help to create new patterns of planetary harmony.

If you have heard any of our segments that usually start just before 8 am on Saturdays and Sundays, you would be joining us in a discussion which generally includes an appreciation for some of the wonders of nature, and looks at the way mankind has effected the planet, and then asks, how we can respond to the challenges we face.

We have covered events such as the Climate Change conference currently going on in France, as well as applauding the efforts undertaken by those who are leading the way to a sustainable and healthy environment for generations to come.

We have looked at the bees, and the butterflies as well, discussing the effect of pesticides on their populations, as well as other pollution and the need to be responsible and practical.

We have cringed at some of the facts that show declining species, forest depletion and pollution, and rise in optimism when we note a cleaner or safer invention or action step undertaken by a country or a community.

We are very glad to be sharing with the listeners of the Morning Breeze these topics, for it will take all of us to reverse some of the trends that are responsible for the decline of species, and the change of climate.

And now we are excited to be bringing you a blog and look forward to future conversations. I feel tying the music to the environmental conversation helps to smooth out the reality we face, and inspire us at the same time.

I look forward to expanding our coverage of the planetary pulse with astrological and metaphysical discussions to understand the greater picture.

I know I speak for DJ when I say, have a great Earth Day Every Day…


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