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NAMM / Lord of the Strings Concerts

COSTA MESA, CA - My NAMM weekend concludes with a stellar performance by Peppino d'Agostino at The Lord of the Strings Concert.

Peppino shares his techniques, as well as stories from around the globe during the concert, letting us all feel like part of his family.

Many thanks to Tim Johnson for bringing Peppino to KSBR over a decade ago, introducing these amazing guitar masters to our community and through internet radio, to the world.

Listen from your mobile devices every weekend to The Morning Breeze with DJ and friends,, also terrestrially on 88.5 FM KSBR.

It's The Morning Breeze...

The Morning Breeze

5am-9am Saturday

5am-9am Sunday

9am-noon Sunday EXTRA Edition

Lord of the Strings Concert Series

Peppino D'Agostino


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