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The Gathering, Four Guitars

I had the opportunity to enjoy an interview with Will Ackerman this weekend and it's now available in our archives on

It was a really remarkable interview, in that he not only touched upon some personal history and his current experience of what it’s like to be part of a quartet for the first time with FLOW, but he talks about the future of this style of guitar music as he sees it emerging through these young artists: Trevor Gordon Hall, Todd Mosby, and Vin Downes.

Trevor Hall, Todd Mosby, Vin Downes, and Will Ackerman.

Gift yourself with an hour, take a few moments for your musical soul, be immersed in the music and the magic of Will Ackerman in this interview:

The concert at the Performing Arts Center at Soka University in Aliso Viejo for The Gathering Four Guitars was phenomenal!

There may be a record in this performance!

From my corner of the Garden of the Universe... to your ears, it's The Morning Breeze!


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