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The Morning Breeze has a history that precedes DJ's time as the host. The following information comes from former KSBR General Manager and Program Director, Terry Wedel:

The original host of The Morning Breeze was Della Butler. She originated the name and the first show was in 1990.
It's not clear how long she hosted the show, but additional hosts started to appear in 1997, including Chito Gebhart, Tommy Twardowski, and Rod Frias. DJ started to appear on the regular schedule for the show in 1999. 

However - a little trivia here - the original Saturday morning host when KSBR went on the air in May 1979, was “Cosmic Katie” Vickers, and as I recall she did add instrumentals to her mix that “fit” her name (the station at the time was kind of a mix of Adult Alternative - like the original KBCO - in the day with jazzier stuff at night).
I think Windham Hill had just started about that time and Paul Winter, Keith Jarrett, Deuter, and Vangelis were already “established” artists that also fit in that category.
So, Morning Breeze music was on the station from the beginning, “institutionalized” sometime around 1990 by Della, and carried on into the future by DJ! 😎🎧 
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