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Broadcast Schedule

Wednesday Wind Down - Wed 5-8pm PT / 8-11pm ET
Perspectives with the Oracle - Sun 10-11am PT / 1-2pm ET


Click the button at the times listed to hear either show.

Imaginary Evenings

Join us for Imaginary Evenings with Todd Johnston of Oracle Guitars!

You may be familiar with Todd as the host of Perspectives with the Oracle, our Sunday feature here on The Morning Breeze.

As a purveyor of acoustic and electroacoustic music from Imaginary Roads, Windham Hill, Narada, and related artists and record labels, Todd curates playlists
to ease you into the evening and late night.

Join Todd mid-week for the Wednesday Wind Down show, from 5-8pm Pacific / 9-11pm Eastern on The Morning Breeze!

Check out Todd's Archives on Mixcloud for access to previous shows and artist interviews. Open the archives

Contact: visit Todd on Facebook and Instagram.

​About Todd Johnston
Todd is the master luthier and founder of Oracle Guitars in Harrisburg, PA, and host of Perspectives with the Oracle and Imaginary Evenings. A man of many talents, Todd is also an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist and composer. Visit Todd's music page.
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