January 23, 2016

December 10, 2015

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March 24, 2018

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Love is the Answer ~ Marie Brennan

September 3, 2018





As I was stopped at a traffic light recently, I noticed a message on the car in front, it said
“Love is the Answer”, and remember thinking that’s amazing, I love it. A short while later
I ran into the back of a car and yes, you’ve guessed, it was the same car. I got out of my
car and apologized profusely to the person I had hit. I said “I noticed your message and

Yes, Love IS the Answer” and instinctively gave the person a hug and moments later we
were both laughing! Not your normal scene after a car “accident”! Not a harsh word was
spoken, no drama!


As I was stood under the shade of a tree, waiting to get my car to be towed, I turned
around and noticed a sign outside a business with a quote that said “To Love One Self
is the Beginning of a Life Long Romance”- Oscar Wilde. What are the chances!!! I
couldn’t help but smile.



The next day as I parked a loaner car at the office, I noticed the name of the song that
was starting to play “Love is Still the Answer” by Jason Mraz. WOW!


I found all these messages incredibly powerful and for about a week after that I was on
a high as I was surrounded by the amazing energy of love. During this time I also
noticed that I had been very self-loving and kind and gentle with myself even though I
had damaged a car I had loved for 15 years and had to say goodbye to. I cried as I left
my little car in the lot and thanked it for all the fun we had over the years and how
grateful I was for it being so reliable.


All I can say is that the power of love and the gift of self-love carried me through that
whole experience with such joy.


I invite you to discover for yourself how being self-loving can impact your life in such a
positive and fulfilling way.


With Love, Marie

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